Investing In Discounted Real Estate Loans

Does an 8% or 10% return work for you?

If so, you should talk to us. Plum Creek Assets LLC is a Texas based Real Estate Investment Company that focuses on the purchase of real estate mortgage loans /  liens / notes at 50% to 80% discounts.  Usually these loans / liens / notes are non-performing, that is, the homeowner or commercial property owner is in default or no longer current on the mortgage payments. This is a common situation when the balance on the real estate loan is greater than the value of the home or commercial property, frequently referred to as an “under water” property.

Our goal is to modify the loan and give the property owner a strong financial incentive to resume monthly payments and remain in the home. Should that strategy fail then we will foreclose on the property and sell it in the local retail market.We buy real estate notes on residential and commercial properties.

Our strategy of success is to purchase these loans and notes from the holders at significant discounts.  This gives Plum Creek Assets the flexibility to offer attractive terms and reduced loan balances to the property owner.

We are seeking private investors and self-directed IRA investors to help us expand our services. Our business model can offer private investors significantly better returns and all investments are secured by 1st liens on the real estate.

In some cases we may keep a loans because they offer strong cash flows but in most cases we seek to maximize the return on investment (ROI) by selling the assets after a 12 to 18 month time period.